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Why won't the 8768-FHX fit in the IBM Tape Enclosure?

Eddie Collado
Post By:Eddie Collado
Added:2017-01-17 01:25:49


When installing a full height tape drive, such as the IBM LTO3 tape drive, Option 25R0012 (replacement part number 25R0023), or Option 39M5657 (replacement part number 23R4808), it appears that the drive does not fit into the 8768-FHX tape enclosure although the supplied rails are used.

Affected configurations

This tip is not hardware specific.

The system is configured with one or more of the following IBM Options:

  • Tape Storage IBM Tape Enclosure, Option 42C4706

This tip is not software specific.


To resolve this issue, use one of the following fixes:

Additional information

Some of the ROHS compliant 8768FHX tape enclosures were shipped with rails, replacement part number 24P8941, that have a bottom tab rather than a middle tab. The issue will resolve by either flattening the tabs or reordering them with the rails (replacement part number 24P8941).

Ordering rails with replacement part number 24P7280, or any other replacement part number, may not resolve the issue.

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