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"Leave a Comment" Guidelines

The forum allows you to start discussions, ask questions, and share your opinions.  Discuss with other members your tips and techniques for setting up your home or office network.  Ask questions on how you can set up your own website.  Discuss how you can drive traffic to your website.  (SEO tips)  Or discuss ways you can learn how to effectively design your website.

Here are a few things to consider when posting.

  1. Please be respectful of your fellow posters. 
  2. Do not use profanity, obscenities, abusive language, or otherwise objectionable content as determined by in its sole discretion.
  3. Do not copy others material, trademarks, or other intellectual property…it is illegal.  This includes cutting and pasting content from other websites.  Comments should be your own original thoughts.
  4. Do not post HTML, viruses, or other malicious code.
  5. Do not add a link.  Links will be removed/not posted.  If you wish to have a link from our website to yours, contact us and tell us.  We will consider all requests.

Note: reserves the right to refuse or remove any comment that does not comply with these guidelines. is not responsible or liable in any way for comments posted by its users.

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