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  What is Blu-Ray (not Blue-Ray)? Blu-Ray DVD (pronounced Blue Ray) is the next generation to DVDs..
Eddie (Admin)
2015-01-15 05:30:02
  What is Bitmap? A bitmap is one of many image files that are saved in computerized form. &n..
Eddie (Admin)
2015-01-15 05:23:14
  In Computing, What is Binary? Those of us that actually spend a bit of time around computers wil..
Eddie (Admin)
2015-01-15 05:14:21
  In Computing, What is Beta Software? When software companies are in the developmental stages of ..
Eddie (Admin)
2015-01-15 05:04:35
  In Computing, What is Basic?   BASIC is an acronym for Beginner's All-purpose Symbolic Ins..
Eddie (Admin)
2015-01-15 04:53:18
  What is B2C? B2C stands for "Business to Consumer".  It comes from B2B which stands for Busi..
2015-01-15 04:38:42
  In Computing, What is ATM? ATM (asynchronous transfer mode) is a dedicated-connection switching t..
Eddie (Admin)
2015-01-14 04:07:30
  In Computing, What is ATA? ATA - Stands for Advance Technology Attachment It refers to a ha..
Eddie (Admin)
2015-01-14 04:01:11
  In Computing, What is ASCII? ASCII - American Standard Code for Information Interchange This ..
Eddie (Admin)
2015-01-14 03:54:00
  In Computing, What is an Applet? An applet (the popular short version is "app") is a small progra..
Eddie (Admin)
2015-01-14 03:40:20
  In Computing, What is API? API stands for Application Programming Interface.  Many of these ..
Eddie (Admin)
2015-01-14 03:31:22
  In Computing, What is ANSI? ANSI normally refers to the legacy standard codepage on Windows.&nbs..
Eddie (Admin)
2015-01-14 03:14:01
  What is an Autoresponder? An autoresponder is a computer program.  It is usually integrated ..
Eddie (Admin)
2015-01-14 03:10:16
  What's is an ASP? An ASP (Application service provider) is remote software that you access throu..
Eddie (Admin)
2015-01-14 02:55:47
  What does "App" stand for? An App (short for Application), is my software ticket program that I ..
Eddie (Admin)
2015-01-14 02:49:02
  What is an Algorithm?  (pronounced AL-go-rith-um) What is an algorithm and who uses them..
Eddie (Admin)
2015-01-14 02:29:47
  What is an Alert Box? An alert box, or message box, is warning message that pops up on your scre..
Eddie (Admin)
2015-01-14 02:13:32
  What is an AGP port? An AGP port or slot stands for Advanced Graphics Port.  It is a loc..
Eddie (Admin)
2015-01-13 23:36:45
  What is an Affiliate program? An affiliate is referred to a program that helps you to make money..
Eddie (Admin)
2015-01-13 23:23:53
  What is an AIFF file format? AIFF stands for Audio Interchange File Format.  Which is an Au..
Eddie (Admin)
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